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subreddit chat räume

Its more of a community-based moderation model compared to a subreddit, where they take everything more seriously, says Lee.
Again, let us know in the stickied comment below if you want in to the beta.
We hope that topic-based chat rooms will be a useful supplement to communities that use them.Let us know about bugs.Moderation, we understand that adding chat rooms to a community may add workload to moderators.For communities who have subreddit chat enabled, mods will be able to add chat rooms to their communities, and invite anyone theyd like to those rooms.But within a couple of hours, it went away.I do not want, and will actively try to stop the implementation of that chat for that subreddit, she says, citing a community culture that can easily become toxic.You see that on Reddit over and over again.In the future, well be adding a more robust roles and permissions system for chat which will let mods give some chat-raum 2002 film online chat moderation permissions to people who arent a part of the full mod team.In those early days of the internet, chatrooms served a specific purpose: They turned surfing the web into a social act.
Why couldn't they have those same conversations on Reddit?While some users on Reddit know each other and interact - a lot of the feedback pointed out that chat would be much better in a community than privately between users.Window keeps popping up?Think of it like a community center for a subreddit: It creates a space to talk without pretense, to bring discussions beyond the comment threads, or simply hang out with strangers online.No one knows who you are on Reddit; you come there to mingle with strangers who share something in commonwhether thats an interest in conspiracy theories or a fascination with bread stapled to trees.Yes, really.) That felt more like the chat platforms of the early 90s, like Internet Relay Chat or AOL chat rooms.Joe Schober, AOLs chief architect, likened those early chatrooms to frontier towns.People felt like they were pioneers bangalore besten chat räume creating community homesteads on the electronic frontier, as Howard Rheingold described it, says John Suler, the author."Initially, just like with r/place, we saw people just coming in to see how much damage they could do says.