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Unlike for Sanskrit, Devanagari is not entirely phonetic for Hindi, especially failing to mark schwa dropping in spoken Standard Hindi.
17 Contents Etymology The term Hind originally was used to refer to inhabitants of the region east of the Indus.
Videsh ( "foreign words: These include all loanwords from non-indigenous languages.Ardhatatsam ( "semi-tatsama words: Such words are typically earlier loanwords from Sanskrit which have undergone sound changes subsequent to being borrowed.Springfield, VA: Dunwoody Press.See also References Notes "Scheduled Languages in descending order of speaker's strength - 2011" (PDF).Urdu is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan and is one of 22 official languages of India.A b Khan, Saeed.46 Script Main article: Devanagari script Hindi is written in the Devanagari script, an abugida.They may have Sanskrit consonant clusters which do not exist in native Hindi, causing difficulties in pronunciation.Archived from the original on 15 February 2018.
Hindi devanagari :, iast : Hind or, modern Standard Hindi devanagari :, iast : Mnak Hind ) is a standardised and, sanskritised register 7 of the, hindustani language.
Archived from the original on Retrieved "Section 4 of Fiji Constitution".Standardisation of the orthography, using the Devanagari script, by the Central Hindi Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture to bring about uniformity in writing, to improve the shape of some Devanagari characters, and introducing diacritics to express sounds from other languages.It was borrowed from Classical Persian Hind (Iranian Persian Hendi meaning "Indian from the proper noun Hind "India".34 Article 344 (2b) stipulates that official language commission shall be constituted every ten years to recommend steps for progressive use of Hindi language and imposing restrictions on the use of the English language by the union government.Hardev Bahri (1989 Learners' Hindi-English dictionary, Delhi: Rajapala Mahendra Caturvedi (1970 online-chat mit einem mädchen A practical Hindi-English dictionary, Delhi: National Publishing House Academic Room Hindi Dictionary Mobile App developed in the Harvard Innovation Lab (iOS, Android and Blackberry) John Thompson Platts (1884 A dictionary of Urd, classical Hind.Uttar dhunik is the post-modernist period of Hindi literature, marked by a questioning of early trends that copied the West as well as the excessive ornamentation of the Chyvd movement, and by a return to simple language and natural themes.In Cardona, George; Jain, Dhanesh."The Constitution of India" (PDF).As a linguistic variety (including the Hindi belt languages except for Urdu Hindi is the fourth most-spoken first language in the world, after Mandarin, Spanish and English.

In the 20th century, Hindi literature saw a romantic upsurge.
Transcription ( IPA ) nted ek sbi mnjõ ko r dkaõ ke mamle m dnmdat stntta r smanta papt h n bd ntatma ki den papt h psp n baitae ke ba se bta kn tahe Gloss (word-to-word) Article 1 (one) All human-beings to dignity.