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Christian vs atheist chat-räume

christian vs atheist chat-räume

This is actually a really good argument against certain Protestant sects (Ive used it myself on numerous occasions but it has no traction with the chat oling mit sexy girl Orthodox Christian faith.
Indeed, those ancient, ignorant people who believed in the virgin birth of Christ must have kostenlose versteckte dusche nocken believed it because they did not possess the knowledge of how babies were born.
Indeed, being born in a Jewish or Christian centric home today is more often a precursor that the child will grow up to abandon the faith of his or her family.An argument based on strict logical word games can render the idea all-powerful, or omnipotent self-defeating.Instead, one finds myths created intentionally for children, for point making, or for whatever.Ancient man considered the virgin birth miraculous,.e., impossible without divine action (and at the time most people scorned the idea and the same could be said with every miraculous story in Scripture.This argument seems insurmountable on the surface, but is really a slow-pitch across the plate (if you dont mind a baseball analogy).The God of the Bible is evil.This was a famous assessment of the matter by Soren Kierkegaard (dealing with the incarnation of Christ).A court of law provides innumerable examples of how two parties can possess the same collection of data, the same power of logic and reasoning, yet argue for completely different interpretations of the data.When one honestly assesses the Judeo-Christian doctrine of God he will find multiple thousands of years of human testimony and religious development; he will find martyrs enduring the most horrific trauma in defense of the faith; he will find accounts in religious texts with historical.Christianity arose in one of the most highly advanced civilizations in human history.But this fact should not be surprising in the least, indeed if history had no similar stories it would be reason for concern.
But this fact is anything but confounding, it merely stresses the point that there is no power greater than God, so much so that one is forced to pit God against Himself in order to find His equal.).The idea is that people in general are so intellectually near-sighted that they cant see past their own upbringing, which, it would follow, would be an equally condemning commentary on atheism.So, without entering into the most pathetic debate of the ages, bereft of all intellectual profundity, Ill only comment on the underlining idea that science has put Christianity out of the answer business.Believing in God is the same as believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.I would rather watch paint dry.

For the Christian who believes in a transcendent God, he can offer no such evidence; to produce material evidence for God is, ironically, to disprove a transcendent God and cast out faith.
Its weird for someone who does not believe in ultimate good and evil to condemn God as evil because He did not achieve their personal vision of good.