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Why are so many of these systems still vulnerable to SQL injection, lanman hash recovery, and default password guessing?
Our talk gives a crash course in the brain-melting number of wireless Smart Grid radio implementations very quickly popping up all around us (some built on actual standards, some snuggled in the comforting blanket of proprietary obscurity) and describes our own experience in reverse engineering.BIO: FX Fyodor, David Fifield Mastering the Nmap Scripting Engine Most security practitioners can use Nmap for simple port scanning and OS detection, but the Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) takes scanning to a whole new level.Included in the talk is a detailed description of the WAR/EAR structure for compiled ColdFusion apps.We also discuss interfacing with current tools that people commonly use for web application testing.This covers the base station system - the network components which communicate with mobile phones - and the base band - the component of the mobile phone which communicates with the network.As new sample numbers are quickly closing to 40M samples per year, solution to this problem has to come from reverse engineers themselves, integrating the work that they have done in the past and they continue.
Finally, we'll consider what all this means for the future of surveillance in the Internet - what are the possible scenarios and what is actually likely to happen over time.
Patterson /BIO: Len Sassaman Nicholas.
In this talk, I will discuss the theory that most classes of security flaws are actually symptoms of deeper causes.The community has also learned how large organizations work, the challenges the organizations face and how to productively engage with them.Non-human readable format of the JavaScript makes penetration testing GWT applications very time consuming.Additionally, they suffer from detectability because they try to emulate every single Windows API but suffer from accuracy issues.We will give out an ipad to whomever from the audience that is able to correctly deobfuscate the javascript and give out the secret phrase.BIO: Mario Vuksan /BIO: Tomislav Pericin Nicolas Waisman Aleatory Persistent Threat Over the years, exploitation objectives have changed alongside the associated efforts by vendors to protect their software.BIO: Jeongwook Oh Gunter Ollmann Becoming the six-million-dollar man Starting a life of Internet crime echter sex auf hbo is easy; in fact youve probably already doing it as far as the riaa is concerned.The second part illustrates how these techniques have been used to enumerate a 419 scam, infiltrate the scammers social network and expose deeper, more sinister links to organized crime.We now live in a world where the reverse engineering of a malicious binary, or analysis of a compromised host may very well play into a world-changing decision, such as whether a country should declare war on another - or indeed, whether it.Executive Briefings /Security Innovation Network Panel: Connecting Buyers, Builders, and the Research Community The need for collaboration between industry and the research community cannot be overstated.

DarunGrim is the most featured opensource binary diffing implementation.